2017 Lab Photo

One of the rare moments everyone is in the lab at the same time!
No, we didn’t plan to all wear flannel, and no, I don’t have an abnormally long left arm.

L-to-R: Jon Wong, Sunny Zhang, Haley Martin, John Gray, Eden Barragan, Lindsay Cameron

New review article on non-ionotropic NMDA receptor signaling

Gray JA, Zito K, and Hell JW (2016). Non-ionotropic signaling by the NMDA receptor: controversy and opportunity. F1000Research, 5(F1000 Faculty Rev): 1010.

Figure 1-3

In collaboration with Karen Zito and Johannes Hell, I recently reviewed the emerging literature on possible non-ionotropic signaling by the NMDA receptor, which is classically a ligand-gated ion channel.  This conformational-based signaling remains controversial but, if validated, could open the doors for a new era of understanding ion channels and synapse function.