The Gray Lab is an inclusive group, open to scientists of all backgrounds.


Postdoctoral Positions

No current open positions


Graduate Student Positions

For current graduate students, please email me if you’re interested in rotating in my lab.

For prospective graduate student applicants, you must apply to one of the graduate groups at UC Davis.  I am currently a member of the Neuroscience Graduate Group, the Pharmacology and Toxicology (PTX) Graduate Group, the Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (BMCDB) Graduate Group, and the Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology (MCIP) Graduate Group.  Application information can be obtained on their websites.  If you’re interested in my lab, feel free to send me an email to introduce yourself and let me know that you’re applying to one of the graduate groups.


Technical Staff

No current open positions


Undergraduate Students

As someone who greatly benefited from my undergraduate research experience, I’m always open to undergraduates who are interested in a longitudinal experience in my lab.  However, I do receive quite a few emails from interested undergraduates and would like to offer a few suggestions prior to emailing me:

  1. Read the lab description web page and read (or at least skim) a few lab publications.  Is the lab work exciting to you?
  2. Are you willing to put in the time and effort required to learn about the science done in the lab? I am most interested in students who want a longitudinal experience of at least 2 years. Longer in-depth experiences benefit us both.
  3. Do not write a general application letter that you send to a number of labs. Instead, explain WHY you are interested in my lab and what you hope to gain from this experience.
  4. Neuroscience is an incredibly diverse field — from protein structure and cell biology to cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, and everything in-between. For our lab in particular, a solid science background is absolutely required, especially in chemistry, physics, and cellular and molecular biology. We can teach you different techniques and skills, but if you don’t know e.g., what voltage is or don’t care about neurons and synapses, you will not excel in our lab.