Recent News from the Gray Lab

Welcome to new postdoc, Shekib Jami PhD

Shekib comes to us from Tom O’Dell’s lab at UCLA where he found unique NMDA receptor differences between ventral and dorsal hippocampus mediated by SK channels that account for differences in synaptic plasticity between those regions.  We’re excited to have Shekib as part of the team!

Welcome to rotating MD/PhD student Ariel Jacobi!

We are excited to have MD/PhD student Ariel Jacobi rotating in the lab. As an undergraduate, Ariel worked with David Lynch at UPenn examining the novel possibility of postsynaptic D-serine and its biosynthetic enzyme, serine racemase. She then spent a year at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Germany studying turtle brains in the laboratory of Gilles Laurent. Let’s do some patching!